You may remember me whinging last year about how crap it can be if we are staying away and the pub next door only has crap beer. Well, this week I’ve been working up near Glasgow and staying at, as usual, a usual Premier Inn. This is probably one of the best Premier Inn’s in the chain. The showers are hot (and powerful enough to knock over an old person), the beds are comfortable, the TV works and most important of all, next door is a proper pub; The Burnbrae.

Six hand pumps, with Old Speckled Hen and Belhaven IPA constantly on, plus up to four other guests. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Friendly staff.  Traditional Interior. And to cap it all off, Cask Marque accredited, ensuring that the beer is of good quality. The only downside to all of this is that the food is not quite as generous with the portions as I would have hoped, and a little bit pricey.

At the weekend we decided to try a different pub down the road because it was so packed (BOO!), so we walked to a Beefeater where, by some luck, the had Old Hooky and Hobgoblin on hand pumps. I ordered the last pint of Old Hooky and Dad ordered a Hobgoblin, which was off. We decided to forget it and rely on the emergency bottles of beer in the room. Which was a shame, because of this debacle the Burnbrae has become a victim of its own success in my opinion (too expensive and too busy) and we are now contemplating a new hotel. Anyone got any thoughts for a decent place to stay in Glasgow?