I realise this is a new blog, it hasn’t really found its way yet and I’m blogging about all sorts of crap. Some one reading this blog would probably be thinking to themselves “Not really a beer based blog”, well I thought I’d kick off with the following in my new attempt to blog more regularly.

The session. Once a month beer bloggers from around the world take five minutes to all discuss a particular topic. This month the topic is “The Beer Moment”. It was suggested by this months host, Pete Brown.

The beer moment for me isn’t as easy to quantify as it will be for others. Some, I’m sure, will say its the relief from a hard days work that a nice cold pint brings or just the sheer pleasure in the taste of the drink itself. To me I feel that doesn’t do it justice. There is something else going on which isn’t just in the taste, or the slating of thirst, or the relief that the first pint of the day brings, signalling the end of work and the beginning of your own free time. Sure all of these things happen, but what is it about beer? What is that little spark that goes off inside which doesn’t happen with a glass of wine or a G ‘n’ T?

I’m not sure I know to be honest.

All I know is that whatever it is that is going on, I like it. I like the taste, the relief, the thirst quenching, sure. But I especially like that first beer because it is the first beer. The indescribable feeling of all of the above things and something more. Later on other beers will be poured and drank but none are quite like the first. The one that makes your body change. The one that relaxes you. The one moment that is purely of pleasure and for the briefest of times, truly, nothing else matters.