Redwell's Beers: Note the lack of a crimson bovine silhouette.

Redwell’s Beers: Note the lack of a crimson bovine silhouette.

I’d just like to add my voice (such that it is), to what is being said by Melissa Cole and Nate Dawg. Small scale Redwell Brewery are being asked by global mass market coma inducing energy pop producing and  fine purveyors of soapbox racing and madmen jumping off cliff top entertainment providers: Red Bull, to withdraw their trademark application because their names are too similar.

The crap excuses Red Bull are coming out with include (and these are quotes from

[Redwell’s Trademark Application] “comprises Red Bull’s earlier trademark ‘red’ as a whole, which is a prima facie for the similarity of signs.

“Moreover, all trademarks consist solely of English words and contain the common element ‘red’. The term ‘well’ is merely descriptive and therefore of no distinctive character at all.

“Furthermore the term ‘bull’ and the term ‘well’ share the same ending and just differ in two letters.

“The ending ‘ll’ is identical and therefore the terms Red Bull and Redwell are confusingly similar from a visual as well from a phonetical point of view.”

“…consumers … will easily consider the sign ‘redwell’ as a line extension under Red Bull, in particular that the goods and services offered under ‘redwell’ and Red Bull are coming from the same undertaking.

“The consumer will thus be confused as to the origin of the services.”

What Bullshit. Melissa Cole is starting the Twitter #RedBullies, which we should all be getting behind and like Nate said, Redwell, we’re all with you.

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Edit: An update from Nate on twitter later the same day: