I Should have told you about Natasha a long time ago. I remember standing at a music festival in Milton Keynes next to her brother when he posed the question, “So, are you going to write a blog article about my sister then?” Natasha was on the stage and she was rocking it and at the time I fully intended to go home and type up a little post.

Clearly it slipped my mind.

I am righting this wrong right now though with a simple message: LISTEN TO THIS GIRL. I was reminded of my need to blog by a post on Facebook, again from her brother, with this video covering David Gray’s Sail Away With Me. 

My review of this song is simply summed up by what I wrote on her brothers Facebook: “By chance I was listening to the original about an hour ago! This is a great cover. All the passion and sentiment of the David Grey version but completely made it her own.”.

I have since listened to her EP – which is available to buy from Bandcamp and loved every track on it, especially the second track, The Artist That Lives.

Find Natasha Gilbert on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and BandCamp.