Milton Keynes; a city (well, big town) famed for concrete cows and roundabouts. Horrible place if you ask me. They do, however, put on a good beer festival. Back in October (yes this is another one of those posts I should have written weeks ago), I went with the usual suspects to MK Camra’s Concrete Pint Beer Festival.

As beer festivals go, it’s not a huge affair. It takes place in The Buszy, which as far as I can tell is a glorified youth centre. As venues go it has its good and bad points, on the plus side it is next to the bus and train stations (it is actually above the bus station), which is handy for getting home after a few too many beers. On the down side, it’s not very big. This means that everyone it really packed in tight. I think that perhaps they could have made a little more space by getting rid of the make-your-own-tshirt stand, which took up a large area. I wasn’t there when they had music on and I can’t see where they would put a stage for a band to play, there just wasn’t the room.

The area outside was fenced off for smokers and for people who wanted to escape the crush inside. Out there was also a barbeque which is a nice touch. It makes a change from the usual burgers and pizzas that most beer festivals have. Last year we sat outside with the barbeque and remarked about how much like a post-apocalyptic, “only the children survived” film it all seemed in the cold evening, in the middle of town, and no other people outside the fence.

Back inside the main attraction, the beer, flowed well. I had many different beers, including White Park’s Nightjar. I always have to try any beer which comes from Bedfordshire, and I’m pleased, no proud, to report that it is excellent. Other beers which I enjoyed included Thornbridge’s Jaipur and Concrete Cow Brewery’s Bulldozer. Another good thing about MK beer festival is that they keep updating their website with exactly what is on and what has been sold out. A nice touch I think.