Looke.tk has closed for good!

Hi, I have desided that he can not be bothered to redesign and redevelop Looke.tk (let's face it, it was always a long shot as to whether I could be bothered or not!). I am still, however, maintaining my current blog www.likelymoose.co.uk, which you can visit if you want to see what I am up to (probably not much). I have also taken up a lot of campaigning with the Friends of Bedfordshire Society, find out what is going on with them by clicking here.

Many thanks for trying to get in touch and sorry if this has put you off. The other websites are still live and you will be able to find me on one of them. If you are a friend from the good old days then you will find me on Facebook and Twitter in exactly the same place where you saw me last, I havent left, changed my number or moved on at all.


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