Flicking through the pages of What’s Brewing the other day, I came across an article about two new new industry campaigns, both of which are being backed by CAMRA. The first, http://www.itsbetterdownthepub.com, is a website which asks people to go online and tell the world why it is better drinking in the pub, and specifically their local. I’m not so sure about this, surely the point is that this website should be telling the world why they should be going to the pub, not the other way around?

The other campaign is Let There Be Beer. This is currently on Facebook and Twitter, with their own website expected next month. This is basicly just a big advertising campaign for beer in general. As well as online media there is also a TV advert. I’m guessing that this has been timed so that it can come up against the swaithes of summertime cider adverts which plague the television this time of year.  As well as CAMRA this campaign is being backed by AB-inbev, Carlsberg, Heineken, Miller Brands and Molson-coors. I like the idea of all of the big boys in brewing coming together and just saying “look. Let’s just have a beer”