I just read a very interesting article, on the website www.ginjourney.co.uk, about the perfect ice cube. The long and short of it is that your best off with water that has been boiled, to make your ice cubes. You should make them as large as possible and you should make them spherical. It carried on to links for where you can get spherical ice makers, so they do exist. A quick Google shows that there are several different designs, which all work on a similar principal, of shaping normal ice cubes. A Japanese example can be found here, and an American one here. I also found an instructional page on how to make your own. Following a link from that page I found another video which shows how to make perfectly clear ice, which would be cool, having clear ice balls. Also I have found on eBay trays which make smaller ice balls on a much more cost effective scale.

I thought all of this was pretty cool and thought I’d share. I wonder how much better a G’n’T really is after all this?