Following on from the last post. It was Cask Ale Week a little while ago and I’m on a mission with my friend Jay to visit different pubs to that we can scan their cask marque certificates. If we get to twelve by the end of the week we get a t-shirt. After visiting the town we got half way there. Now we thought we’d try something a little closer to home.

We are quite lucky, some people live in a village where there are no pubs left. We live in a small town where there are four pubs and within walking distance is another small town of seven pubs. Of those eleven pubs five of them supposedly have cask marques. If you’ve read the previous post you’ll know why I say supposedly.

I know some of my posts can be like trying to get through war and peace so here is the short version of what happened.

Engine & Tender – Cask Marque on the wall, found easily. We had a Boundary by Wadworth.
The Old Sun – Cask Marque behind the bar. Barman was very helpful. We had a Tiger by Everards.
The Albion – Doesn’t have a cask marque, we never thought it did, we just poped in because the beers are so good. I had a Merry Maidens Mild by Coastal Brewery. Working from memory I think Jay had a porter of some kind.

The Blackbirds – I’ve already got the cask marque in there and we’re in there so often it didn’t seem necessary.
The Crown – We had a St. Edmunds. Asking for the location of a certificate felt more like asking if I could set the bar maid on fire. No one knew where it was, although they confirm that it was there in the past.
The Swan – Landlord and landlady were very helpful, cask marque was behind the bar. We had a Youngs Bitter.

This brings the tally up to nine. A few more to go yet then.