This bottle of Cairngorm’s Wildcat (5.1%) appeared in the fridge with a label on it indicating that it was bought from a local garden centre for £2.29.


Pour and colour:
Deep amber in colour. Head was a light beige coloured, thick and fluffy. Lasting throughout the drink.

There wasn’t much in the way of a smell. Later on, as the beer warmed up a small amount of the beers character came through on the nose.

Burnt, malty base. Light and sweet, fruity taste, slightly raisin-y. Hinting towards coffee. Definite leather and a slightly medical twinge to it.

Mouth feel:
Medium bodied with a good level of carbonation. Just as I like it.

Especially long lingering after taste, slightly complicated but on the whole echoed the main tastes in the beer.

Final Verdict:

8 / 10

Good well rounded beer, not going to change the world but very enjoyable, none the less.