Hi, I’m Looke, well, my name is actually Luke, however, nearly everyone spells it Looke (don’t worry, I don’t really understand it either). I prefer Looke – people who are doing a session write up, are you listening? Only my mother and the government spell it Luke!

Things to know about me…

Basic Description: Hat wearing, beer and cider drinking, pub loving, meat eater, changing room furniture installation specialist and occasional walker with a stamp collection.

From: Bedfordshire, England.

Favourite Colour: Black.

Listens to: BBC Radio 6 Music , XFM, Sanctuary Radio.

Favourite Nicki Minaj Song: Beez in the Trap.

Most disliked artist in the history of music: Nicki Minaj.

Member of: CAMRA, CAMRGB, Fuller’s Fine Ale Club, The Flitwick Club

Favourite album by The Cure: Pornography.