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The great Darjeeling debarcle

I was about to start writing a post about The Great Escape Festival, but as I was writing I kinda got into a bit of a rant about tea. So I’ve chopped and changed it about a bit. Great Escape to follow, I promise.

Lets begin at the beginning. It was a Thursday, it was overcast. I was tired and hungover. I’m lucky that I can get a direct train to Brighton, no faffing about changing in London or any of that crap, just a straight line there, sitting on the train for two hours, which turned into three because it was raining and apparently it was the wrong kind of rain. Before I even got on the train I was a little bit put out because… OK, let me explain.

Every time I get a train I stop at the little kiosk on Platform 4 to get a cup of Darjeeling. Now I’m not just saying Darjeeling as some do to mean tea I mean Darjeeling. Now I don’t use the train very often, so every time there is a new person working behind the counter and every time I have to go through the rigmarole of trying to explain to them what I mean by this strange statement of “a cup of Darjeeling, please”, especially as this time the girl behind the counter tried to palm me off with an Orangina.

A Bottle of Orangina

A Bottle of Orangina

Cup of Darjeeling

Cup of Darjeeling


I don’t mind that she doesn’t know what darjeeling is, a lot of people don’t, but when there is a box of the stuff right by your left ear (it was in a box at head height) you would have thought she could put two and two together, wouldn’t you? And wouldn’t you have thought the manager would familairised the staff with what products there is in their outlet? And even so, don’t you think Darjeeling and Orangina sound different enough to question the order? I am aware that both words have a j sound in them but so does Gerbil!

After we all figured out what everyone wanted, I wanted a hot drink and she wanted £1.30, we did have quite a pleasant chat about tea in its various forms, and she did say she would give the Darjeeling a go. Perhaps a convert to the “Champagne of teas”, possibly.

I’d like to say I may sound overly aggressive in this post but that it is because I’m shouting here and now to vent, not at the girl, who clearly had no idea.

I know what you are thinking, “Holy crap, this blog has been dormant for so long I thought you were dead!”. Well no, I’m just a crap blogger. I often can’t think of anything useful or interesting to write and when I can think of something, well… I’m just too lazy to turn the laptop on (I tried using the app on my phone and its so tedious).

I originally set up this blog to by my dumping ground for my thoughts on everything from music to food, drink and anything else I can think of. Yeah, nice idea but I just ended up prattling on about beer and not much else. If anyone has looked through the archives the last time I wrote anything about music was in 2012, and that was half way through a series of posts I was supposed to be doing about the Great Escape festival that year. As it stands there are two posts out of what should have been a total of six. Since then I’ve been to the Camden Crawl twice, twice more to the Great Escape, as well as Reading, Glastonbury, Latitude and the Secret Garden Party. And that lot is just the festivals, yet alone the gigs to see individual bands.

I am going to try and make more of an effort to actually write my thoughts down, starting off with this years great escape festival. I don’t think it’s worth trying to recall what happened at any of the other festivals between the last music post and this because it was too long ago and some of the details will have been lost to the drink addled fugg of human memory, and in any case, the camera the camera packed up last year replacing every image on the memory card with one blurry shot of a flag where I was trying to be all arty. Fail. Stay tuned for a round up of this years piss up round Brighton in way too much detail about a bunch of bands that you’re not that interested in. If you have this blog in your Feedly, Google Reader, newsBlur or any other RSS reader because you are part of the beerosphere, you probably won’t be too bothered with what I’ve got to say, for the next few posts at least. Sorry about that.

“But Looke, you haven’t posted anything at all! It was February since you posted anything at all” I hear you cry. Cry? not cry, perhaps mumble sarcastically under your breath, if you have actually read this far. Well that is true. I haven’t been walking much lately so I haven’t really had anything to post there and if I’m being honest there hasn’t been much to say about beer. I’ve been kicking around the same town, with the same pubs and the same supermarket which always stocks the same beer (I take that back they have started stocking one or two new things which have been priced so high that my fiscal situation would have to change rapidly to contemplate a 6 pack of Irish ale for £9, especially when rateBeer only gives it a 44!). Hopefully I’ll be back in the game with June’s session blog, this month being hosted by Boak and Bailey.

Feel free to badger me on Twitter and the rest if I go quiet again. I go that way out of laziness and the idea that probably no one is reading anyway.