I’m writing this as a plea to anyone on the internet who can explain to me the game known as beer pong. As far as I can see the basic idea of the game is to line up a series of cups filled with beer, you then throw a ping pong ball at your opponents cups in an attempt to land the ball in their beer, if you do so then your opponent must drink the beer. The person deemed to have lost is the person who has no beer left. Is this right? Surely not! YouTube says this is correct:

Does this mean that if your at a party playing this game then a skilled player if forced to not drink? Why would anyone want to do this, surely the object is to do something which allows you to drink more? I mean, what sort of party game keeps people sober? What happens if you just decide to drink one of your beers anyway? Are you disqualified? Is that considered bad form? People of the internet, please explain it to me, what am I not getting?