We all know England won the Ashes, they won it ages ago and with the series ending 3-0 it was a bit of a disappointment not to get a clear win/lose at the end. This, however, does not happen here, the final score shall be settled and it will be an English victory, the question is, can Australia claw back enough for 3-2 or will it be 4-1?

The final beer Ashes test being played for stouts. For England is Stoodley Valley Stout 4.8%, and for Australia is Cooper’s Stout 6.1% (both £2.29 from Beers of Europe). Both of which are a fine finale for this epic battle of two great nations. This is probably the most evenly matched of all of the beer Ashes series, they are both described as stouts, they both cost exactly the same amount and they are both bottle conditioned.

The Final beer Ashes test:  Stoodley vs. Cooper's

The Final beer Ashes test: Stoodley vs. Cooper’s

My thoughts firstly on Australia’s offering: The beer poured very dark and thick, like you would expect from a stout, there is very little head at all. It tastes slightly fruity, red wine perhaps? It has a very bitter, dark chocolate after-taste. It is much more fizzy that would be suggested by the lack of head. nearer to the end of the drink there fizz wears off slightly, making the beer seem flat and thin in the mouth, although the chocolate notes did become sweeter.

And England: More cocoa on the nose than chocolate.  The bitterness of the chocolate after-taste in the Coopers is more sweet and rounded in the Stoodley, and generally is a more well balanced beer. The effervescence is more pleasing, and kept under control, unlike the Cooper’s as well. The mouth-feel is much thicker, which in my mind is how a stout should be. There is however, a very dry after-taste which I’m not so keen on.

Of all of the five beer Ashes series, this was the most difficult to call. I have noted above some of the differences but truth be told they are both quite similar and it is difficult to make a decision. A decision must be made though (we have no option of a draw based on the weather here!) and I decide in favour of England. I decide this not because I am English and want Englad to win, but because I genuinely think that it is a more balanced and rounded drink. Again I think Australia just think that if they make if fizzy they can get away with it. Well not in my book, sonny! England 4-1!