So the cricket was a bit of a wash out and we’ve ended up with a draw leaving the series undecided whether it will be a draw or an English win. ¬†Similarly there is no definite winner in the beer Ashes either, and to top it off the category which I was most fearing on England’s behalf is coming up today: Pilsner.

Batting for England is Meantime’s Pilsner and for Australia is Little Creature’s Pilsner. Little Creature’s 4.6% (¬£2.39): an immediate hit of yeasty, bready flavours, a hint of oranges with a jelly sweetness. Medium sparking which helps the produce a good mouthfeel. Mild Aroma, similar to its taste. Meantime 4.4% (¬£1.89) cereal tastes with a honey sweetness. More sparkling than the little creatures and drier too. To my mind much more like a pils should be. It’s much cleaner tasting, more fresh and more crisp.

The Beer Ashes Third Test: Little Creatures' Pilsner vs. Meantime Brewery's Pilsner

The Beer Ashes Third Test: Little Creatures’ Pilsner vs. Meantime Brewery’s Pilsner

As well as being much cheaper than the Little Creatures, the Meantime is a fresher drink. It has a less complex flavour which I find more attractive in any lager style. The cleaner more polished finish, however is what really sets it apart from the Little Creatures and is why I have no qualms in awarding the third test to England. This means the score for the overall series’ so far is 2 – 1 to England!