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OK, here we go again. Another month and another session post. This month The Session is being hosted by James Davidson of Beer Bar Band. James is asking us this month to think of a topic within the subject of beer to blog about, but, and here is the twist, to test our writing skills we must finish off in 250 words or less.

The theory is that you get into an elevator and meet someone who represents something you disagree with. You only have the time in which you are in the elevator together to get your point across.

In my situation I’ve walked into the elevator and met my former self, me a few years ago. I was a complete arse back them, here is my argument to myself.

Look at yourself, what do you think you are doing! You aren’t some kind of policeman for good beer. Leave people alone, just because they’re not drinking the same beers as you, it doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. There are good lagers out there, just because you haven’t tried them yet it doesn’t mean that you get to blanket trash an entire style of beer. I agree that Fosters isn’t the greatest, and no, neither is Carlsberg, but that guy over there – the one drinking the Fosters – he isn’t the enemy, you haven’t got to convert him like some sort of beer based Jehovah’s Witness telling everyone what to believe.

Don’t you think they have the right to make up their own mind on what they consume? You don’t see vegetarians stopping you every time you decide not to eat swede, do you? That fella over there is very happy with his Fosters, look at him, he is happy, enjoying himself and most importantly enjoying his beer. Sure it’s not to your taste but it is to his tastes. Isn’t that the most important thing, to enjoy your beer? Why else ¬†would you drink it? Sure if it comes up in conversation then suggest something different that he might like, but that’s it. Go no further. You aren’t always right and you haven’t tried enough beer to know what’s right, and you certainly aren’t an expert. So sit down, shut up and enjoy your beer, just like Fosters guy.

I’d like to make it plain that I’ve never stopped someone randomly in a pub to tell them what I think of their beer. However, I did used to get pretty vocal with some of my friends who drank lager at the time. I also realise that this is more of a rant than a constructed argument. This is what my younger self would have needed to here though.