Godlen Fire - The history of Cider. By Ted Bruning

Golden Fire – The history of Cider. By Ted Bruning

I’d just like to tell the world about a book I’ve just finished reading. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, however, for anyone interested in the subject of cider I feel this is a must read.

Golden Fire by Ted Bruning is basicly a comprehensive history of cider from its possible beginnings millennia ago, to recent business mergers of the major cider industries in recent years. The first few chapters I found were a bit dry and did remind me somewhat of an old history text book from when I was at school. Saying this, when the subject matter moves on to slightly more modern times (when there is more hard evidence and less supposition to be made) the book is easy to read, informative and full of little bits of information which will one day keep the reader in good stead during the ‘history of cider’ round of a pub quiz.

I’m in two minds about the final conclusions of the book, in which Ted asks whether enough is being done to promote high quality “smooth” ciders, which are much more akin to wine than what most of us know as “traditional” or “rough” or “scrumpy”, and that not is being done across the cider industry to educate cider makers and consumers. I’m not sure if cider, being a smaller industry than beer would ever get the investment that he is calling for but at the same time I can’t argue with the fact that if the investment were made then more high quality ciders would be available.

Either way, agree or disagree with the final conclusions of the book, it is a great read and one which i thoroughly recommend to anyone who is interested in cider.

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