This is the first beer which I have tried from the small selection which I was bought for Christmas. An offering from Ridgeway Brewery (I would link to them but their website seems to not exist), which, by its labelling at least, looks like it should have been exported to America. The label, for all the writing on it, tells nothing of what is inside except that it is a winter porter.

Pour and colour:
Deep and dark chestnut colour, not as dark as I would have expected for a porter. Off white head which disappeared fast. Visually you can see the bubbles bursting off the top of the beer, seems very lively, but calmed down quickly.

Very little, possibly some fruits, strawberry, blackcurrants, but it is very faint. Hardly any smell to it at all.

Light coffee, quite sweet and spicy. There is a back of the throat sweetness like butterscotch. A small amount of dark chocolate.

Mouth feel:
Medium bodied. Quite sparkling to start but settled down by the end to a lightly carbonated all round pleasant feel, just as I like it.

Quite a warming alcoholic kick to it in the after-taste. A slightly more pronounced coffee and chocolate characteristics.

Final Verdict:

7 / 10

At first I wasn’t so sure about this one. Way to carbonated for my liking, but it did settle down and I could enjoy the taste and the warming feeling as it went down.