Another one of my “found un a supermarket for less than a quid” beers. 1849 (4.5%)  was only 99p in Tesco in Burnley. I decided to buy it, and review it in the hotel tonight. The label “gold medal champion ale” for the international brewing industry awards 2004 gives me high hopes.


Pour and colour: 1849 has a dark copper colour with a thin white head which doesn’t all together disipate.

Aroma: caramel and chemicaly, slight hint of cut grass.

Taste: Bigger caramel flavour than you expect from the nose. Rounded and balanced in general. Slight citrus, lemon possibly as well.

Aftertaste: More citrus, not exactly hoppy though.

Final verdict:
6 / 10
Well rounded, with a citrus finish. Not especially different or special but definitely worth its 99p, infact, it’s a bit of a bargain.