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Making mead

The following happened a few weeks ago, I know, I thought I was getting better at posting as things happened too, then I remembered this post which I has planned to write.

Basically all I want to say is that me and my mate Jay are in the process of making a batch of mead.


Boiling water

We had been saying about doing this for some time now and a few weeks ago we finally Got our added into gear and got on with it. Were going with a very basic recipe of honey, water and yeast. That’s it.

We did read a few blogs and got some ideas about the details. We learned from a video on that it is best to use spring water or to boil tap water, this means there will be no chlorine in the must. In hind sight it was probably better to buy spring than what we did, which was wait hours for tap water to boil.


Different website’s suggested differing amounts of honey, we went with an average of 5.1kg for our 5 gallon batch.


When it was all said and done we got a hydrometer reading of around 1.072, if we can get that to fement down to around 1.000 then were looking at about 9.7%. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and incase you were wondering we have no money so we used Tesco Everyday Honey.

Dragon Stout

Last week I ended up in a CostCutter on Edgeware Road, near Colindale, London. We finished work in Earls Court and dived in here on the way home. I was surprised to find that it had a large selection of bottled beers as well as the usual cans of lager which you expect at a late night convenience shop. This bottle of Dragon Stout (7.4%) caught my eye having never heard of it before. It is brewed by Desnoes & Geddes of Jamaica.

Pour and colour: The stout pored with no head what so ever. Very dark in colour, but not quite black. I would have said a very dark mahogany brown but held up to the light was more reddy hue. Very simalar to coca-cola.

Aroma: There was a hard alcoholic kick in the back of the nose, cheap red wine.

Taste: It is sweet but not sugary, red berrys, dark fruity flavours. I know this is a terrible tasting note but it’s all I can think of when I try this beer and that’s some home-brew red wine I made last year using e-z caps and Welchs grape juice. There was a harsh alcoholic burn as well.

Mouth feel: Thick, sticky and sugary. Highly carbonated, loosing carbonation as the beer goes down –  by the end completely flat.

After-taste: lingering irony blood like taste. There was a dryness in the mouth with subtle hop bitterness which sticks in the back of the throat.

Final Verdict:

2 / 10

For me this really wasn’t to taste. I was expecting the usual stout flavours but it seemed like it was made with grape juice of something odd. The alcoholic kick was quite harsh. Not really enjoyed at all.

Available at CostCutter, Colindale.