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Am I behind the times?

I was just having a quick stumble through the internet today when I came across an entire genre of flash games which I have never heard of before. I am talking about the amazing genre of web-cam flash games. All of the games require the user to enable their web-cam to do different things, turning you’re browser into a cheap version of the eye-toy, the
X-box Kinect or Playstation Move.

One game which I had fun playing for nearly two minutes before I got bored was called ‘Night of the Ninja’ in which the screen shows your web-cam and you have to bat away small cartoon ninjas which run onto the screen trying to sleigh you with swords.

Night of the Ninja screenshot

Good idea, but it doesn’t really work because the mechanism is based on movement which means the slightest jolt of something you didn’t mean to move will cause you to kill more than you intended to. I think the easiest way to win is just to film a rave or a windmill, can’t go wrong.

So true…