Are CDs on their way out completely now? I wonder about this more and more now, the questions of; will I be able to continue to buy an album from a new artist any more? and if I do will they release a deluxe version of the album in six moths time which repeats the first album but with a few extra tracks, one of which you really wished was on the first version of the album that was purchased in the first place? (I’m looking at you Ellie Goulding!). I think this is just a marketing ploy which the record labels are now resorting to either; make you buy an album twice so that you have all of music you want (note: the very best song which sells best in the singles chart will be an extra in the second album), or the other musing I had was that the record labels are trying to move towards a download only system where they have no production costs of any tangible product which I know many people want almost as much as they want the music in the first place.

I think this will be more and more likely to be the case in an age where we become more and more dependant on computers for our day to day life. The young will be bought up to accept that loosing all of their information when the computer breaks, along with all of their music on iTunes will be a part of life that they should learn to accept. This is something that I will not condone and will out of principle not download any music any more. I have come to this conclusion while listening to an album which I have had in my list of CDs to buy for over three years now: Amylie – JUSQU’AUX OREILLES. A cracking album which I suggest that everyone listen to, you can sample the tracks off of the album at Anyway while listening to the CD which I got for Christmas (thanks Mum!) I realised just how difficult it is to buy this CD. It has been on my list for over three years and in all that time I could not track down a copy and Mum, who bought me the copy I now have as a Christmas present, could only find one supplier who only had one copy. Such a limited run of CDs, for such a brilliant artist, such a waste. This is the quandary though, I could have gone straight into iTunes and downloaded the album three years ago but since then I would have lost the album twice over in complete and catastrophic hard drive failures. I know what anyone with any technical mind is going to say and it is going to involve either complex back-up systems, hard drives, jukeboxes, CD-Rs or all of the above. To which I say “Why should I have to?” The record companies are supposed to produce just that: a record. Not a file available for download but a tangible object which can be played with a cover and artwork and something to read, even if it is just the credits fr who was involved in the production.

Amylie Album Cover

(Oh lord) Please don’t let me be misunderstood, I am not saying that we should all go with out downloads, renounce iTunes and all go back to vinyl, although that would be no bad thing. I myself have an iPod, which I use regularly, I am not ranting about digital compression and the quality of the sound being lost. What I am saying is that anyone who releases a CD should consider that not everyone is the same as them and just because they like their song that they should listen to it in the same way. Artists of the world give us back our CD option!