I was just sitting here, on my laptop, stumbling away a Sunday afternoon in November, when all of a sudden I heard coming through the crack in my window the jingly tones of an ice-cream truck. Surely at this time of year even the children of this fine town would shy away from the frozen treat. According to the weather channel, which I just checked, there are severe storms on their way, the met office have already issued weather warnings for gales, it is currently only 3°C and looking out of the window confirms that, yup!, it’s pitch black out there. My question to the world to try and explain for me, or indeed to the driver of said ice cream van, is how on earth can the running of an ice cream van be justified in these conditions?!?!? As a business proposition surely that is financial suicide, you would be better off not wasting the diesel and saving the money, especially at the cost of fuel these days!

A cartoon ice cream van