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BSc (Hons.)

Today was (apparently) one of the biggest days of my life, the day in which al of my hard work and effort over the past 16 years of education come to a pinnacle and the establishment recognise my achievements by bestowing upon me the title of Bachelor of Science. Now as a graduate I can go into the world and correctly, although somewhat pretentiously, put letters after my name. Great.

I don’t know if it is just a male thing, or perhaps it is the company I keep but I found today that none of the people at the ceremony who I talked to at length were that interested in the day and I have to be honest, neither was I. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went, I can tick it off in my life box saying “Yes, I did it, I went to university and I did the whole thing properly”, but I just knew what was coming up, even though I had only read the agenda quickly. Several hours of people talking about how great the university is and how “It’s not the end of learning”, etc. etc. all the clichés about education that everyone has heard since they started their first school.

I have to give it to the organisers though, the whole thing was bloody well planned out. The logistics of making sure that every single person was in a snaking queue by the time they were seated for the beginning of the ceremony must be an unenviable task. Also I realise that everyone wants their 10 seconds of fame, and with a fair few hundred to get through it’s going to take a long time, so I thank the organisers also for not making the rest of the ceremony go on for too long, I can’t abide long and drawn out waffling about how good things are, you feel like standing up and shouting “We know, we did it!” (MR. Croft).

In fact out of the whole experience their are only a few things which I would say could be improved, first of which can only be:

  1. APPLAUDING. There were, I guess, about 400 people all having an award presented during the session which I attended. Each one of them individually went up on stage and each one received their own applause. By the end of the event my hands were in a terrible shape.
  2. THE COST. In total it was a quid short of a ton for tickets for my family to watch and the robes for me to wear. And on top of that there are the professional photographs to be bought and the DVD of the ceremony and aaaaaall the other pens, and key-rings and other knick-knacks with the university logo on them, which some people, HAVE to get. I bet a fortune was made today.
  3. ERRR… really there is no three. I actually quite enjoyed the day, it was no where near as long and dragged out as I was anticipating. It was well organised and one of the honorary doctorate speeches was even mildly amusing!

Point three really does some it all up and I have nothing further to say, however I feel that there should always be at least two lines under a list just to make the article look right. Well done to everyone who graduated and to Liz, who made the speech on behalf of the students graduating.

Two suns of Tatooine

Have you ever heard of Jeremy Messersmith? Neither had I ’til today. One of my golden nugget finds on SU was this little gem from Jeremy, its a song which has a tenuous connection to Star Wars in the lyrics, and has an amazing video depicting the first trilogy of films made entirely out of paper, see…

I really like this song. There are a few more which are on youtube which I’m going to have a look at, possibly his website as well if I like what I hear, you never know there might be an album!

Addendum: No, he doesn’t have an album, he has three! They are all available for download from, further you can get three of them on CD as well as “The Reluctant Graveyard”, the most recent album, on vinyl and cassette as well on his website –