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Papal tat.

I just love this visit from the pope. Not because I want to see the pope, have any interest in him or his religion, but I am really interested in the way people are reacting. I loved watching him being paraded through the streets of Edinburgh like it was god himself in that ridiculous Mercedes.   I understand that arguments: he is the spiritual leader for a lot of people, he’s a figurehead and the embodiment of the church and the human voice of Christ on earth… blah blah blah. I just don’t get why these people are so fanatical. It’s just something I can’t get through my mind that one person can be so fanatical about another, just because a bunch of Italians declared him with he title of pope.

But that’s not really fair, if you want to listen to this man well that’s fine by me, but surely if you are one of these people then you would be insulted and outraged by the amount of tat the church is selling to try and make a few more quid out of you? Seriously, if you made the pilgrimage to Glasgow the other day then you were expected to make a donation in the region of £20 to help pay for the gig’s set up. Cheeky bastards want not only your loyalty and obedience but they also want all of your money. And then once you have parted with your “donation”, you’re presented with a whole load of commemorative papal tat (description stole from radio DJ, very funny) that you’ll feel that you have to buy so that you can remember the special day when you saw a shrivelled old man drive past in a bizarre car. I mean just look at it…

Papal tat

If I were a catholic I think I would be in uproar. No?

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